Sharing a special bond as twins is something we've always had and something we always knew would play a big role in our creative future. We are through and through sisters and have built a method of working together that plays into what we do every single day. It's annoyed some people in our lives, but it's also become what we know best. We're extremely passionate about the projects we work on together. Yes, we still live together. Yes, we're super close but also lead our own lives. No, we cannot exactly read each other's minds or psychically speak to each other. The best part? We have huge differences in personalities and mentalities that makes us extremely compatible creatively.

When we write a script with each other, the idea usually stems from something we've read, seen, or dreamt. We discuss the idea in great detail then Kimberly goes to script. After she's gotten it out of her head and onto the page, she passes it off to Wendy who does rewrites and reworks certain elements. There may be many more conversations and sometimes we head to The Roosevelt Hotel for some Hollywood inspiration. Then it's passed back and forth until we are both satisfied. By that point, we're ready to tuck it into our library of "To Make When Financially Possible" stack or the "You Can Afford This, Do It" pile. Most recently, we shot a short film titled "Sensation" which we are currently in post production on. Keep a look out in the coming weeks for more photos and a release date! 

More importantly, we love bringing our thoughts to life in a way that will make an audience think twice. Literally.