We are currently hard at work writing a feature film on top of several other projects. It has become a story we are dying to tell, which is what keeps us fighting through our busy schedules to get it on paper. It has also become quite ambitious and somewhat of a mind spin as we weed through the inner workings and decipher our characters. Sometimes, sitting at a computer and trying to find a character isn't enough. We like to find new ways to connect to our characters. So, heading east to the desert, emulating these people in their own environment, was just the ticket. It's already opened so many doors to where we are going in our writing and we wanted to share some of the visuals that will continue to inspire us as we keep writing. Hopefully, they inspire you a little too.  

First, find out what your hero wants, then just follow him!
- Ray Bradbury

Photographs taken with the Canon Rebel T2i.


Kimberly, le photographer

Kimberly, le photographer