We're super excited to share a collaboration we've been working on these past few months with our friends at the creative production company, iam8bit. We love the idea of getting to know fellow local businesses and working together to generate an insider’s look of what makes them unique, creative, and successful. With Jon Gibson and Amanda White, who are the heart and soul of iam8bit, we were able to witness firsthand a day in the life of their inspiring production company. And now we get to share it with you!

Known to many Los Angeles locals as an art gallery in the heart of Echo Park, iam8bit is also home to creations and productions revolving around current art and media. It is, without a doubt, a truly collaborative environment and a place where artistic freedom reigns. With their roots in the video game world, hence the name of their company, iam8bit has branched out to what it is today: a full-fledged collective studio that spans across creative marketing, production, experiences, products, and events.

With the dynamic energy that Amanda and Jon bring to the table, it's easy to see that iam8bit is full of imagination and ingenuity. They both have a wealth of experience up their sleeves plus an entrepreneurial spirit that paves the way for an innovative business environment. Sitting in their loft-y office (literally a loft) that overlooks their impressive studio space, they type away, jump on calls with clients, and talk back and forth about the best approach for each of their current projects. Never a dull moment to be had, Jon and Amanda play off of one another so well - Amanda with her meticulous, producer-like skills and Jon with his ambitious, artistic qualities - they keep each other in check but also openly invite one another’s ideas. We loved seeing how they work together to bring such life to their business. Needless to say, their teamwork is what makes this inspirational company what it is.

Stay tuned for more on iam8bit later this week! 

Photographs taken with the Canon Rebel T2i & Canon AE-1, Kodak Ektar 100 film.