Portrait of a Muse: Cyd Charisse

She is, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful women who's ever graced the silver screen. Between her effortless movement, demanding strength, and those flawless legs, Cyd Charisse has long been a favorite of ours thanks to our dad who introduced us to her films when we were kids. She's a fellow Texan and made her way to Hollywood, signing with MGM during their heyday. Best known for her role as the "woman in the green dress" alongside one of the most notable dancers of all time, Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain, she is without a doubt a highly revered actress and dancer from the golden age of musicals. But it's her dancing that is absolutely unforgettable. Alongside the power houses of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, she more than holds her own and becomes the life of the dance. It's her strength and confidence that truly make her a piece of film history and an iconic woman of Hollywood. We can always get on board with that.

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