Here at Duplicity Studios, it's important to us that we make a creative space where other artists can come to play, tell us about their projects, and hang out. Our first of hopefully many "Artists Profiles" was just that.

Not too long ago, we had the pleasure of hanging with our friend, Brendan Spieth, a sensational artist who happened to be visiting LA and dropped by our Hollywood abode. Brendan is a brilliant and talented actor, choreographer, musician, and by far one of the most artistic and inspirational people we know. We went to high school with Brendan where we both saw the range of his talents so it's no surprise that he ended up studying at Juilliard and continuing the artistic thread into his life after he graduated.

We sipped on cheap champagne and talked for hours - catching up, hearing his stories about life in Brooklyn, life in general and all the fascinating projects he's currently working on. We'll let Brendan tell you the rest:

I graduated from The Juilliard School in 2010 and have been living in Brooklyn and working on mostly new works around the City. I've choreographed for NYU's Grad Acting Program, I'm a member of Lesser America ( and held more random jobs around this city than I can shake a stick at. 

I am in the midst of rehearsing this project called "A Short Life of Trouble." It is an adaptation of Hamlet mixed with text from William Faulkner and southern folk music from the 30's. I am playing Hamlet in this project along with playing and singing with the rest of the cast.  

I've also been part of the writing team for a new musical about an indie band from 2001. It is called "Those Lost Boys" and the team behind the music and script is: Nick Choksi, Frankie J. Alverez, Gabriel Ebert, Elvy Yost, Damon Daunno, and myself. We are putting it up at Ars Nova in July / August time for four performances. Super Vibes!

It's been a renegade time.

It has indeed and we loved hearing about every minute of it. Thanks, Brendan! You truly inspire...

Photographs taken with the Canon AE-1, Kodak Ektar 100 film.