Lost & Found

Life has a funny way of bringing back memories you thought were lost. Our parents came in town last Fall and we took them to the beautiful Point Dume and around Malibu and we, of course, shot with film. Our dad is a huge inspiration to us and introduced us to film photography when we were little so we wanted these pictures to perfectly capture all of us. But with film, there's always a risk and we thought we either misplaced the role or the photos never turned out. It was just one of those things. So we sighed and moved on.

Then after picking up a role we recently shot, we realized that we accidentally ended up double exposing a role from our Audrey Hepburn Duplicate shoot with the very film we thought we had lost. What we ended up with actually captures the moments on the beach with our parents even more spectacularly. The lights and patterns from our Hollywood home and the natural beauty of Point Dume blend together into a unique black and white image - almost like a bizarre film noir.  We'll take it!