Portrait of a Muse: Lucille Ball

If you've ever been over to our place in Hollywood, you may have heard us tell you how Lucille Ball once lived in our bungalow. When we first moved in, a neighbor told us that our specific apartment (more like a townhouse), was once a dressing space and living quarters for the most famous redhead to grace the silver screen. It's our favorite thing about this place - a built in Hollywood story?! SOLD. We immediately began pouring the internet and discovered that Cecil B. DeMille once owned all of this land and built much of it into what Hollywood is today. Although we may never be able to prove it completely, we still cherish the though that one of our favorite actresses once walked through these halls and doorways sipping on a cocktail and smoking a cigarette in a dressing gown overlooking the Hollywood hills. In honor of her 103rd birthday, she was born August 6, 1911, we thought we'd revel in one of our beloved muses: a fearless woman and actress who could dominate business, drama, comedy, and everything in between.

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