What if Androids could download human emotions the way we install an app?

Sensation started as a question: What if androids in the future were able to download a human sense much like we can download an app in 2015? Influenced by the style of Metropolis and Bladerunner, the short film captures a defining moment between two machines who want nothing more than to feel. In this particular instance, the "upgrade" between our female and male androids gives these characters the ability to taste. Though it may seem trivial to us, it is a momentous occasion for the androids. Not only do they experience a human sense, they see each other for the first time. 

As our world becomes more and more reliant on technology, Sensation asks the ultimate question for future generations: What is “human”?

Starring Diana Gettinger and Clint Brink 
Written and Directed by Kimberly Willming 
Produced by Wendy Willming 
Cinematography by Jason Honeycutt 
Visual Effects by Opiyo Okeyo 
Music and Sound Design by Kevin De Leon 
Make-up by Josiah Cracraft 
Hair by Mimi Medina
Edited by Kimberly Willming 
Title Design by Brandon Moats 
Production Assistants: Brady Serwitz & Dylan Avnet 
Pies provided by The Pie Hole in Downtown Los Angeles 
Amy Perkins as The Waitress 
Background: Shaun Avnet, Dylan Avnet, Elaine Green, Rhoda Pell, Marc Strom 
A Duplicity Studios Production

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